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Dagsboro, a quaint little town in Delaware, was once, surprisingly, a part of the state of Maryland. It is located off of route 26 and route113, making it a popular place during the summer season as it is one of the prominent highways leading straight to the resort beach cities. Listed on the National Registrar of Historical places is Dagsboro's Prince George's Chapel. It is an historical landmark museum that attracts tourists from all over the country. This charming town is just within minutes of Bethany Beach, Rehoboth, Ocean View and Fenwick Island. It is a place that one can enjoy a beach atmosphere, a sense of history as well as the comfort of small town living, with many local activities to draw people together and plenty of opportunities to make new friends. Dagsboro is located in Sussex county which is one of Delaware's fastest growing counties, with an abundance of forests, beaches and state parks. This quiet town was incorporated in the early 1900's, yet was founded in 1747 and has been known by three other town names. Blackfoot Town, Dagsbury and Dagsborough. Dagsboro was named after General John Dagworthy, a Brigadier General of the Sussex County Militia during the Revolutionary War.

Residents and tourists alike would all agree that this tiny town is situated in the perfect location. Not only is it remarkably close to the renown cities of Annapolis, Baltimore, Wilmington and Washington DC, but within minutes, one can be in the center of Rehoboth, Lewes and Bethany Beach. These resort cities have so much to offer. For the avid shopper, the magnificent gift of tax free shopping comes with the Tanger Outlets. Tanger offers over 130 brand name shops that will most assuredly fulfill all the needs and wants of everyone in the family. Tanger has a diversity of stores such as Christmas Tree Hill, Le Gourmet Chef, Liz Claiborne, L&L Bean and Harry and David's, as well as many places to grab a quick snack to keep ones energy up to shop 'til you drop! If one is in the mood for more eccentric shopping, downtown Rehoboth has a variety of quaint boutiques and tantalizing eateries to satisfy every palate.

The enchanting city of Lewes is a place that offers a full day of sightseeing and pleasurable moments with it's many historical sites, coffee pubs, quaint eateries, lighthouses and the renown Nassau Valley Vineyard. For all the history buffs, a must see in Lewes is he Zwaanendael Museum and the Cannonball House. These historical sites display all of Cape Henlopen's history as well as the story of the famous H,M.S. De Braak ship. The Delaware Breakwater east end lighthouse and Cape Henlopen Lighthouse are wonderful places to see and will most definitely stir up within each visitor a sense of peace, serenity and marvel, as they view their histories and beautiful architecture. For the coffee connoisseurs , Robson's Coffee Shop is an alluring place to stop in. With their comforting aromas of fresh brewed coffee and delicious baked goods, it makes each visitor tempted to stay for hours. This shop offers an afternoon tea as well as scrumptious lunches. For those who adore wine, the Nassau Valley Vineyard offers free self guide tours of their three galleries as well as wine tasting, (a perfect ending to a day at the beach!).


Though Dagsboro is small, it is in the ideal location with all the amenities of beach life and big city living located nearby . Within a short distance, there is something to do for everyone, where all needs as well as wants are sure to be met! Rehoboth hosts great physical fitness centers such as Gold's Gym, The YMCA, Curves and the Body Shop. For art lovers, there is the Gallery 50 winter film series every Saturday through the month of March, where influential artist's such as Jackson Pollack and Vincent Van Gough are explored. There are also many community fetes in this popular city. Many visitors return annually for Rehoboth's Christmas parade, yearly chocolate festival and the jazz concerts.

Though there are many big city events at the resort beach areas, one can never forget that the beach life itself is what draws one to the Delaware shore time and time again. There is nothing quite like the beach in the summer and spring season with the sound of waves breaking, the warm son reflecting upon the water, the gulls calling, children laughing and playing, and the smell of fresh, salt water. Building sand castles, surfing, sun bathing, beach combing, fishing and clamming are only some of the wonderful gifts of the coast. In the winter months, the beach offers and entirely different, alluring beauty. The winter months offer a quiet joy, a sense of solitude as all the tourists have gone home and the beach is now cold and murky. At times there is a mist that is almost mystical, bringing and air of mystery. Still the gulls call and the winds blow, and the beach beckons one to keep coming back to enjoy the peace.

So whether you are in search of a place to settle down in or a quiet place to visit, Dagsboro is an ideal little town that offers a delightful, small town life with surroundings that can not be beat. With it's charm, history and perfect location, Dagsboro is a wonderful place to see as well as relocate to. 


Dagsboro Delaware's extraordinary qualities rate high on most people's wish list. With no state sales tax, no personal property tax, and one of the lowest property tax rates in the nation, it certainly has its advantages to residents. Consider the fact in Delaware, you've got lower housing costs than most of the people in the nation. Clean air and water, great shopping a short drive from any part of the state, beaches, bays and beautiful parks make it the ideal place for your home. Centrally located, Delaware is a short commute away from Philadelphia, PA, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, and other major metropolitan hubs.

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Sussex County is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, with gorgeous beaches, vast forests, state parks, and other attractions minutes away. Come see why this thriving community is the perfect spot for your home or business!

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