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Seaford Delaware History

Seaford Delaware, situated along the Nanticoke River in Delaware is the largest city in Seaford. This splendid city, so very rich in history, was voted to be the “Best Small Town in America”. Seaford's beginnings trace back to the year of of 1608, when Captain John Smith surveyed the Chesapeake Bay. At that time, the growth along the Nanticoke River was very slow and their was much discord with the English settlers and the Nanticoke Indians. As time passed and the the conflicts came to an end, the land began to rapidly flourish. Surprisingly, Seaford first settled as a part of the state of Maryland, not Delaware, with it's leaders originating from England, Wales and Scotland. Seaford's first record of settlement can be traced back to the year 1672. It was in the year of 1720 that the roads were first constructed, bringing forth more growth to the city. It's primary industries at the time were tobacco and agriculture. In the year 1850, William Henry Harrison Ross who was at the time the Governor of Delaware , built a gorgeous Italian Renaissance mansion that still stands today and is an intriguing place to visit as well as tour. A new and very prosperous provision came to the city in 1925 with the poultry industry coming to Seaford, thus bringing an abundance of business to the city.

Today, Seaford Delaware is a thriving community and is the city that hosted the Seaford Eagles of the Eastern Shore Baseball League. This city hosts the charming Gateway Park and River Walk. The River Walk is a lighted, 400 foot landscaped park with paved sidewalks for delightful strolls along the river, with a canoe launch that enables it's guests to enjoy a serene and peaceful ride on the river's waters. Plenty of fishing is to be had, especially large mouthed bass. For the hunters, there is an abundance of game to be found with geese, duck, rabbit, deer, squirrel, dove and raccoon. The Sports Complex has a delightful playground for the kids (Jay's Nest) and a softball field, with many plans to bring forth more facilities that will enhance the youths sports events.

It can be said that there is so much life to be seen in all the “old places” yet,we miss, as we travel through so quickly to get to our final destinations, a tremendous amount of our countries history. The city of Georgetown, (Seaford's neighboring city), is a place that you will not want to pass through quickly or close your eyes for a minute, as there is so much history to be found. A great time to see Seafordis when the city celebrates their tradition of the 'gathering at the county seat'. It is an event that calls people from everywhere to learn of the electoral candidates as Georgetown is the home of the 'Return Day'. Every two years, people come back to Georgetown two days after the election to hear the results and celebrate with parades, speeches, music, arts and a huge Ox roast. While in this lovely city, be sure to visit The Nutter D. Museum with it's wonderful collection of newspaper clippings and books on Georgetown. The city is known as “The Historic Jewel of Sussex County”. Some of those jewels consist of The Circle, the old and new Courthouse, the many commercial historic buildings, the National Historic Registrar of Homes and Delaware Technical and Community College. Also a must see is The Paynter House, Mansion House and The Benn Harris House.

Another charming and alluring city neighboring Seaford Delaware is the seafaring city of Lewes. This romantic city offers something for everyone. Famous for it's nautical history, while there be sure to visit The Delaware Breakwater east end lighthouse right off Cape Henlopen, as well as The Cape Henlopen Lighthouse established between 1765 and 1767. Upon it's completion, it was the seventh lighthouse of the American Colonies. The Cape May ferry, it's port in Lewes, travels daily 17 miles to the Victorian Cape May in New Jersey. It is a lovely ride and once entering Cape May, each guest will enjoy all of the beautifully restored historic homes, the Stone Harbor bird sanctuary or take part in the casinos in Atlantic city. Lewes has some wonderful eateries as well. For a hot cup of coffee, cappuccino or delicious baked good, Robson's coffee shop is the place to go. For dining in a grandiose manor, the Buttery has mouthwatering cuisine with an ambiance filled with Victorian charm. This eater offers American and International food and has veranda dining along with a scrumptious Sunday Brunch. For a nautical atmosphere, fresh seafood and delicious steaks, The Lighthouse, located on Fisherman's Wharf is a charming place to eat, with a great view of the water.

For those who love to shop, Both Lewes and Rehoboth beach offer an abundance of great, tax free shopping with The Tanger outlets and the many authentic boutiques, located in downtown Rehoboth. While visiting Rehoboth, be sure to see the infamous Boardwalk where a walk by the ocean will not only sooth your soul, but all of your senses will come alive with the nostalgic smell of the salty,ocean water, the sounds of the gulls squawking, the warm sun on your shoulders, dolphins frolicking in the surf and a slice of hot baked Grotto's pizza to treat your palate.

The resort Beach area offers an abundance of fitness centers, grocery shops, great schools, hospitals and public Libraries. Seaford is also nearby to Salisbury Maryland which offers many amenities of big city life with Sam's Club, Super Wal*Mart, The Olive Garden, Chili's and specialty eateries. Seaford is a lovely place to visit as well as settle down in, as it is full of beauty, history and nearby to so much culture and wonderful places to visit. Within only a few short hours, one can be in the historic cities of Baltimore, Washington DC, Annapolis and Wilmington.

Delaware's extraordinary qualities rate high on most people's wish list. With no state sales tax, no personal property tax, and one of the lowest property tax rates in the nation, it certainly has its advantages to residents. Consider the fact in Delaware, you've got lower housing costs than most of the people in the nation. Clean air and water, great shopping a short drive from any part of the state, beaches, bays and beautiful parks make it the ideal place for your home. Centrally located, Delaware is a short commute away from Philadelphia, PA, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, and other major metropolitan hubs.

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Sussex County is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, with gorgeous beaches, vast forests, state parks, and other attractions minutes away. Come see why this thriving community is the perfect spot for your home or business!

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